Work plan

In WP2 the tools of the DECOIN toolkit (ASA, SUMMA and MSIASEM) will be reviewed and further developed into a toolkit applicable in analysis of synergies and trade-offs between different trends relating to the three dimensions of sustainable development.

In WP3 different case studies will be analysed using the toolkit. The analysis with the toolkit will be based mainly on studies that have been carried out by different partners of the project. The goal is to process the data collected in existing studies integrated by newly collected data in order to generate datasets fitting in the format required by the different components of the toolkit.

In WP4 the case studies will be assessed from different viewpoints. The possible synergies and trade-offs that exist between the different objectives of sustainable development will be analysed. In addition, scenarios of future development paths relating to the synergies and trade-offs will be constructed.

In WP5 interfacing the scientific results with societal/policy processes (stakeholder participation, sustainable consumption and production patterns) will be assessed and policy recommendations will be formulated.