The consortium participants have developed tools for analysing the different dimensions of sustainability in a FP6 ongoing project DECOIN. The objective of the SMILE project is to further develop and to apply these tools in order to illustrate and analyse trade-offs and synergies between different unsustainable trends identified in the EU sustainable development strategy. Furthermore, improvement of the DECOIN evaluation procedure is expected.

The SMILE project analyses the trade-offs and synergies that exist between the different objectives related to sustainable development by utilising the different indicators developed within the European Sustainable Development Indicator (SDI) Working Group as well as new types of indicators provided by the tools developed by the consortium partners in previous projects. The assessment takes place (i) between economic and environmental aspects, (ii) between economic and social aspect, (iii) between social and environmental aspects, and (iv) between all three objectives. The assessment takes place through several case studies.

In addition, interfacing the scientific results with societal/policy processes (stakeholder participation, sustainable consumption and production patterns) will be assessed and policy recommendations will be formulated. The assessment of the inter-linkages of the different dimensions will form the basis for policy recommendations on improvement of sustainability conditions at various geographical scales.

The duration of the SMILE project is 42 months. The final result of the project will be disseminated in a large International Conference, which will be organised as the Annual Futures Conference of the Finland Futures Research Centre in June 2011 in Finland.